Contemporary/ Modern Resin canvas original

Contemporary/ Modern Resin canvas original

Hand painted & poured canvas art. NOT a print! Original piece!

Wrapped on a wooden frame, 60 cm x 60 cm, base color is a strong black. Beautiful contemporary/ modern statement piece.


This piece was created over a 16 hour period firstly by priming the large canvas before coasting with a black acrylic spray before applying a thick coating of black epoxy resin.


Carefully seperating a secondary mix of resin we coloured one half with a gold mica powder & the other witha  fiery fusion red. We then ran each mixture over the black formulating a circular motion technique. As the resin cures the colours pull in to one & another & creates a feathering , faded look.


Once heat is applied & left to cure for 21 days, the canvas is polished to enhance the resins gloss look.


Colour Palet;
 - Black 
- Gold 
- Purple/pink


This is a great conversation starters. If you have any concerns or questions dont hesitate to ask! 


*it is important to keep all resin out of prolonged direct sunlight as over time the rays will pull the colour out of the resin & cause discoloration.