Agate/Geode Coaster set

Agate/Geode Coaster set

Hand crafted with a high quality resin & finished with hand painted edging acrylic detail. 


These coasters are all made to order there fore please note that each set may slightly differ from that in the photo. 


Each coaster is finished with rubber feeting to stop any damage to delicate surfaces, these can easily be removed if desired but please note if you choose to remove we cannot be held responsible for any damage, these have been placed for safety.


- Resin when curing in mould cannot always be accessible therefore its important to note there may be small gaps in the edging where small air bubbles have formed during curation, please do not confuse this with damaged, this is not glass. 


- whilst we make all our coaster with heat resistant resin its important to note that these cannot withstand direct hot heat, we recommend a saucer for cups used or to allow the temperature of the cup to cool before placing on coaster as heat may produce small ring marks.


**NOTE: as these are made to order cancellations/exchanges are NOT possible.


    • Please keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Please avoid contact with harsh chemicals including perfumes. To clean it is advised to use a soft cloth with luke warm water & mild soap/dust cloth. 

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